Sunday, April 12, 2015

Book Review: The Demon-Haunted World

The Demon-Haunted World
By Carl Sagan

As a science popularizer and scientist, Dr. Sagan has always been one of my role models. Since extreme common sense is about thinking, this book by Sagan about the thinking behind science was particularly interesting. 

The Los Angeles Times called this book "A manifesto for clear thought." I agree. Sagan, one of the great science popularizers of his time, makes the case for why science is important while offering lessons in scientific method and objective thinking. 

The book presents 25 extended essays. This isn't Contact, or even Cosmos. It isn't intended to be a movie or a TV miniseries. Some debunk topics including witchcraft, UFOs, and astrology. One explores the paradox of balancing wonder and skepticism that is at the heart of science.  

This book isn't science or science fiction. It is a collection of thoughts on the thinking that makes science work. It is a plea to make science interesting to the public by a person who made that his mission.  

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