Saturday, February 2, 2013

I am Love! Open the Door!

Who’s there?
It’s me!
Me who?
It’s me, Love!

I came to bring you Hope and Dreams, I came to bring you Support and Care, I came to bring you Kindness and Desire to Live! I bring you sunshine even when it’s snowing. I bring you a cup of tea in the morning.

You can talk to me or be silent, I still know what you feel. I brought you flowers and strawberries, I brought you mountains and forests, I brought you Understanding. I brought you a blue boundless sky!

Open the door, it’s me, Love! If something bad may happen with me, believe me, I’ll survive. You know why? Because I am strong and because I’ll reside in your heart. Because you can’t live without me, because you cannot dream without me, because you can’t create without me.

If you fall I’ll help you to get up! When you succeed I’ll celebrate your success with you! Even when nobody is around, I’ll always be with you! I am Love!

I hope the Valentine’s Day of 2013 will be filled with Happiness, smiles, and flowers. I hope the Valentine’s Day of 2013 will be filled with Love!

Thank you All!

Janna Yeshanova, with my book Love Is Never Past Tense…

Love Is Never Past Tense book trailer

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