Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting Results

On November 3, I presented a Getting Results workshop to the Toastmasters  District 40 Fall Conference. Notes to participants are included here. At the bottom is a link to a folder containing slides and support materials.

Participant Handout

Results come from the consistent changes we make in our lives. We can achieve that consistency by using one or more of the three strategies listed below.


1. Decide what you really want, and what you are willing to do to get it.
2. Take massive, immediate action.
a. Massive: What could you do?
b. Immediate: What can you do right now?
3. Check your progress: Is it working?
4. Try something else if not.


1. Get disturbed. Give yourself a reason.
2. Decide your result and purpose.
3. Develop a massive action plan.
4. Change your limiting beliefs.
5. Set the game up to win.
6. Take massive, immediate action.
7. Use / create your peer group.
8. Monitor results.
9. Modify your actions if results indicate.


1. What ONE CHANGE would be the most helpful?
2. Ignore everything else except that. Make it a habit.
3. Implement one new habit at a time.

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