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Delaware Planning Commission October 7 2009

Delaware Planning Commission October 7 2009

Perkins Observatory supporters were among an overflow crowd attending the Delaware Planning Commission on October 7 to discuss issues on a development project proposed to be adjacent to the Observatory. Over a period of three hours, the Commission heard the developer's concept plan then took comments and questions from the audience. The developer provided an overview of building on the 9 holes of the golf course fronting US 23 while expressing hopes to satisfy the concerns of the Observatory, Methesco, and the neighboring community. Everyone, including the developer, recognized he
Observatory for the treasure it is and desired to keep the Observatory viable.

Brad Hoehne, Tom Burns, Don Stevens, Bill Hurley, Rob Lancia, Charles Biro, Dan Benway, Bill Hurley and Bob Harmon all spoke directly to the issues the Observatory would face. he biggest of these issues is proximity. Bob Harmon expressed that expressed that concern quantitatively, explaining that the
current proposal being four times closer would have sixteen times the impact. Other supporters present but not speaking included Charlie Sigrist, Bill Burton, Gary McCool, Rachel Swetnam, and Jay Elkes. A group of OWU students was also present and spoke on behalf or the Observatory.

Local residents also expressed concerns. Some were concerned about property values. Others expressed concerns about the lack of infrastructure (fire, water, etc.) the development would need. One made a compelling case that the city wold be better served by focusing this sort of effort closer to the
center of town. Development is further complicated because of jurisdictional issues -- the property touches on three townships in addition to the city of Delaware.

The Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the Delaware City Council Chamber. In the end, the City Council will decide the fate of the proposal. No immediate decisions are expected.For further discussion, please visit the Perkins Observatory Facebook page

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